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Recent Additions
General Forms
Club Tools: (1,166.3 Kb)
Dellorto Manual: Dollar Manual (803.3 Kb)
MGCoV Electronic Forum Rules: (27.6 Kb)
MGCoV constitution: Our Constitution (144.1 Kb)
Committee Nomination form: AM: (66.2 Kb)
General Meeting Minutes
December 2023 General Meeting: BMac: Please find the minutes of our December 2023 General meeting at the terminus Hotel (375.1 Kb)
2023 AGM minutes MGCoV: BMac: AGM 2023 Minutes (127.3 Kb)
Red Plate Documents
Vehicle Eligibility form: BMac: (106.7 Kb)
Red Plate Permit Form: BM: Download this form to fill in and apply for a Red Plate Permit (161.9 Kb)
How the CPS works: (48.1 Kb)