22nd September 2023
Here is how you apply for a Red Plate permit.

Hi All,

The Red Plate Permit applications must now be entered via the app.  The implementation of this new Members Jungle system includes a database of all of our red plate bikes, and we can finally move away from the laborious task of maintaining this data in a spreadsheet.

If you go into the app you will see a section called "My Red Plate Garage".

Go in here and if you have a Red Plate Bike you will see it is already there. If you feel like it, we would appreciate it if you could add any missing data, including new images of the bike.

CHOOSE "Add new Red Plate Bike". To add a new red plate bike!  This is right at the bottom of this page.

Follow the instructions and save it when all the required fields are filled.

You will also need to fill in the Club Permit Application and Vehicle Eligibility form, from Vic Roads.

These can be downloaded from Vic Roads and or from our website under Document library.

Contact us via the contact form on the app or the website or even in the chat room to ask questions.


For more information download this document

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